Old Roy’s Day

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Last night the F.W. Kent County Park Campground was lively. The steel drum concert started it, but that was over by dusk. The fireflies, or lightning bugs if you prefer, took over after dark, blinking their magic blinkers around my campsite until I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then the hoot owls went crazy for a while. And sometime around midnight the coyotes had a mad ridge to ridge pow wow call and response festival. Very exciting.

This morning I got an early, for me, start. On this trip I have rarely started hiking before 9 a.m. I just don’t have any sense of urgency. Every day I walk. It’s what I do. Who cares when I start or when I finish?  I just want to feel the harmony, man.


I hiked hilly backroads, mainly gravel, all day today. The highlight was a lunch stop in tiny Oxford IA at “Old Roy’s Burgers & Brew.” I went with the special, which was pork tenderloin and scalloped potatoes and salad for seven bucks. Good stuff. I was so happy with the food and the friendly blonde waitress that I walked out without paying!

Not on purpose – I just spaced out. I had put on my hat and shades and safety vest and had taken a couple of steps toward the road when I realized my mistake. Smh. I went back inside, embarassed, and paid my bill. Subliminally, I probably just wanted to see the girl for another minute. Even old as hell boys will be boys.


After that it was a long slog on gravel with three bad dogs and one good postal delivery lady. The dogs tried to murder my eardrums. The lady gave me two bottles of Fuji water. I liked her much better than the dadgum bloodhounds. The scenery was harmonious except for the canine hit men.



I made it to the practically abandoned Williamsburg Motel 6 by mid-afternoon and I had my pick of their rooms. I don’t care if I’m the only Motel 6 customer in Iowa. It’s clean, it’s comfy, it’s cheap, and most importantly, it’s here. I am clean and I am fed. Horizontal time until early morning.

Peace, Love, and ZZZZZs,

2 thoughts on “Old Roy’s Day

  1. I was born and raised in Iowa so I have been loving your posts from your travels there! Now living in Hollister, but yearning for those friendly people and gravel roads of Iowa.

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