Is There a Dentist in the House?

Full Moon

My teeth are in full riot mode. An illustration/chart might be useful.


A few days ago, I began to notice symptoms of a dental problem – sensitivity to cold, a stiffness in my neck, a dull headache, and a difference in the feel of tooth #1 when flossing. That tooth has a cap on it. Is it cracked? Becoming loose? Possible infection?

Today I ate some chicken strips for lunch. I purposely chewed on my left side, not wanting to irritate fussy old #1. Then I noticed a crunching sound after one bite. I thought it was a piece of chicken bone. Nope. It was a piece of tooth #16.

Who knew that walking your ass off would screw up your teeth?

Is there a dentist in the house?

I asked these guys, but they weren’t talking.


These guys weren’t talking either.


And not a soul was around to answer me here.


I’m about 80 miles east of Des Moines IA. If you know a mobile dentist who operates on molar-compromised touring strollerists, please let me know.

Peace, Love, and Decay Preventive Dentifrice,

3 thoughts on “Is There a Dentist in the House?

  1. All that diner food found a way to express itself. DO NOT ignore! Take a cab to the nearest dentist and have it checked! Tell you why when you return to our paradise!


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