Yes, There Is

Waning Gibbous Moon

If you have to pick one spot in Iowa to be stranded with dental problems, you could do a lot worse than the town of Marengo on historic US Highway 6.

The Sudbury Court Motel and RV Park is right on the highway, super clean, very affordable, and owned by smart, friendly, helpful people.

Based on their recommendation, I walked a mile or so to the town square this morning to the offices of Eva Goettsch D.D.S. She opens at 8:00 a.m. I was there at 8:02.

I was nervous about how much it was going to cost and how many days it would take, etc. My brother Mike generously sent me some money via PayPal yesterday. If it was much more than that, I was going to be hating life. I could not be sure how much that my Delta Dental insurance through AARP would cover.

Well, Sondra the receptionist/xray technician got me in right away. And Dr. Eva was on it in no time. The crown on the right side molar has seen better days. And the crown on the left side molar is chipped. I have some gum damage but not too serious. I should be able to continue walking some time tomorrow if all goes well.

Repair work and restoration was done in an hour and a half. I got a prescription for penicillin and a heavy duty fluoride paste. The insurance paid for about half and Mike’s rescue money covered the rest. I am one lucky son of a gun.

I wasn’t even going to come to Marengo originally. As recently as Friday night I had planned to go another route. But Saturday morning something was pulling me here and I just went with it. Sure glad I did.

I passed this rock near the town square. I’m a little dubious about the inscription, but the title is quite a coincidence.


Peace, Love, and a Good Country Doc,

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