No Tornado

Waning Gibbous Moon

There was no tornado. There was no thunderstorm. It did not rain.

The wind blew. The clouds passed overhead with little patches of peekaboo blue in between. It was humid. Then it was hot and sunny.

But there was no tornado and that was alright by me. So much for WREK-TV staff meteorologist Candy Poof’s (not her real name) Wednesday doom forecast.

There was more farm art.


There was more trail art.


There were olden barns which can be construed as art if you are so inclined.




The corn is starting to happen. Knee high by July.


And of course, there was a gazebo. I am of the opinion that there should be at least one gazebo on every property in the USA. Put a gazebo plank in your party’s platform and I’ll vote for your candidate.


I take that back. It’s not that easy to woo me.

Peace, Love, and Missing Twisters,

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