Third Quarter Moon

I spent most of the day Sunday walking along the Raccoon River Valley Trail between Urbandale and Adel IA.

Raccoon River Valley Trail


This trail is an Iowan bicyclist’s dream. It covers almost 90 miles and connects to the Clive Greenbelt Trail, basically all the way into Des Moines. On this particular sunny, warm Sunday, hundreds of cyclists (and one touring strollerist) were putting it to good use.



A few folks stopped to ask about my little adventure, including teachers Barry and Rita Roberts from Adel and Sarah Cooper, an accomplished local distance cyclist.

Sarah Cooper

I am struggling to keep my mileage up while taking a course of antibiotics prescribed by Dr. Eva back in Marengo. One more day and I’ll be finished. The bright Sun wiped me out yesterday – I was woozy after about five hours. Probably not such a good idea to push it hard yet.

I crossed the North Raccoon River just east of Adel and was surprised by its surging flow. I tried to get a picture of the river where it splits around an island but my thumb obscured half of it! Here’s a cropped version showing the east side. You will have to imagine the mirror image on the west side 😦


The people in Adel were amazingly helpful. One person bought me a sandwich. Another paid for my Gatorade. Someone else chipped in a twenty for meal money. And still another strapped Bobalooie into the trunk of his Camry and drove me from the trail to the Interstate, site of the nearest motel.

If I’m still lucky this morning, I’ll get a ride back to the trail and slackpack a little today. Then I’ll rev up my hoop engines for game seven – GSW vs OKC! What a matchup!

Peace, Love, and Rainbow Threes,

2 thoughts on “Raccoon

  1. Hope you’re feeling better & better each day. I guess “walk it off” is sound advice? Jim, are the trails pretty much concrete along the whole length of the Racoon Valley system?


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