Back to the Finals W.O.W.

Waning Crescent Moon


If you know me very well at all you know that I’m a lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan. Kareem. Magic. Kobe. Jerry. Elgin. Jamaal. James. Those are my guys.

But the Lakers are down right now and what Jerry et al. have done with the Golden State Warriors has kept my fire burning for NBA hoops. Their comeback from being down 3-1 against Oklahoma City was phenomenal. I am impressed.


That OKC team beat San Antonio, who I was sure was going to win the whole thing this year. The Thunder have a really good team. But the “Dubs” are playoff tough. And very confident.

On paper, GSW doesn’t seem to match up with Cleveland very well when the Cavs are at full strength. The Spurs or the Thunder for that matter would present more physical problems for the Cavs than the Warriors IMHO.

But I will be rooting for them to repeat as NBA champions because of their spirit and heart and because of the joy they bring to the court.

Plus I don’t like the influence Lebron the Human Bulldozer has had on the game. Watch any high school basketball team now and you will see their best player getting away with repeated offensive fouls on drives to the basket.

Just like “King James.” Lebron elbows his defender in the gut every time he goes to the hole and muscles past him. It’s a foul. They never call it and that’s the way he scores the majority of his points.

I hope Klay and Steph rain threes on them all series long and the rest of the team can defend and rebound enough for four more victories.

Peace, Love, and Rings,

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