Walk the Talk

New Moon

Lots of people talk a good show. Not all of them take action to turn their talk into reality.

Yesterday I learned that Carl McPherson walks the talk.

Carl is about ten years younger than me I am guessing, a gentle, thoughtful soul of African American descent. He was on his way to volunteer for a 20K run to raise money for charity. He passed me in his car going east on Old U.S. 6 as I was going west on the shoulder facing traffic and a serious prevailing westerly wind. Moments later he had turned around, passed me again going west, turned around again, and pulled up right in front of me.

Carl works for the State of Iowa in Des Moines. He monitors judicial decisions for foster children to make sure they are receiving fair treatment in the courts. He advocates for those who have little or no voice. Thank goodness for people like Carl.

He emerged from his car with a bag of food for me and a check for $25 for the R.E.A.C.H. San Benito Foundation. We chatted for ten minutes or so before he continued on his way, disappearing as quickly as he arrived.


People like Carl who live according to their principles every day in every way inspire me to no end. I am so grateful to have met him. I am better for it.

Peace, Love, and Hope,

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