Council Bluffs

Waxing Crescent Moon

Thanks to my friends at RT Motors in Atlantic IA, I was able to shave off 25 of the 55 lonely, serviceless miles between Atlantic and Council Bluffs IA with a much-needed ride to Oakland.

RT Motors Rocks!

I’m sore, but I’m here and Iowa is done! After a long rest today, I will cross the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge over the Missouri River into Omaha NE tomorrow morning.

This is a pretty historical locale. Lewis and Clark met with the Otoe tribe at a place called Council Bluff in 1804. It was just north of here in the Loess Hills, a line of windblown glacial deposits which parallels the river and form the “bluffs.” The “council” refers to their meeting.

I don’t know exactly what Lewis and Clark learned from the Otoe, but history tells us they pretty much followed the Missouri River north and west from here. I traced much of their route from west to east on my cross country bicycle trip in 2013. Read all about it!

Palomino and the Dream Machine

I imagine they talked about how to make friends and not do anything too stupid. But you never know.

Later, starting in 1841, Council Bluffs the town, known as Kanesville for a time, was essentially the jumping off point for wagons and pullcarts heading West on the Mormon Trail.


I will be following that basic route pushing Bobalooie along the Platte River from Omaha across the state of Nebraska to Colorado starting in a few days.


But first, a hiatus! Tomorrow I will meet Sweet Carole, my beautiful cousin who lives just outside of Omaha on the Nebraska side of the river. I will slackpack to Boystown NE over the next couple of days and hang out with Carole until my beautiful sister P.S. I Love You arrives on the 11th. After a couple of days of goofing around with these two funsters, I’ll head out into the heat toward Colorado.

Woohoo! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Peace, Love, and Westward Ho,

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