Finding Leo

Waxing Crescent Moon

I found a little piece of my heart yesterday.


This is the old gym at Creighton University in Omaha where my father, Leo Francis Ostdick, played basketball for the Bluejays in 1936 – 1937. “Lanky Leo” was 6’3″ which was pretty tall back then. He had a smooth sweeping hook shot and a deadly two-hand set shot from the foul line. Lanky Leo was your basic 20th century badass. And my Dad.

I veered off from my course from the river across town to find the campus. It was quite a nostalgic thrill to hunt around their beautiful modern grounds before finding Dad’s old gym. Really cool. Like inspiringly cool.




My sister Diane also attended Creighton in the 1970s. I wish she could have been there with me yesterday to share some memories.


I slackpacked yesterday and today in the 95° heat to bring my mileage right up to the 1,400 mile mark. Now I’m going to rest over the weekend and pick back up Monday or Tuesday.

I can tell that crossing Nebraska in June will be a tad toasty to say the least. Not much shade in these parts. But I have new shoes and inserts plus a new Sun hat and shirt. I am also working on making a hands-free holder for my Sun umbrella. Maybe that’s the ticket!

We’ll see how it goes.

Peace and Love from the Son of Leo,

One thought on “Finding Leo

  1. How wonderful to visit your dad’s old stomping grounds — to recollect his memory and feel closer to him — and how timely to experience this during the NBA playoffs. Thanks for sharing.


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