Weird Harold

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The heat index outside, in the parking lot of the Sunset Motel, a few miles south of Seward NE, is 111° F. Inside room 158, where I am, with the shabby carpet and the wheezing window unit, it is only slightly cooler. I’d say upper 80s to lower 90s. The one ton, boxy, turn of the century Panasonic TV is stuck on the Fox News channel oh my God. I just took my second cold shower. I’m trying to one finger type this post on my Smartyphone before it catches on fire.

Other than that, it’s been a real nice day.

For example, a sweetheart of a lady in Lincoln gave me a ten dollar bill back in the morning hours when I could still breathe a little bit of the air now hovering like Death Gas above the concrete.

I yearn for morning.  I wouldn’t EVEN venture outside my room right now, not for love nor money. The Sky Demon might rush down to sear my lungs and cauterize my corneas.

It’s a shame, really. Because of the heat I will not get to see Harold Keith Davisson’s remarkable roadside attraction, the World’s Largest Time Capsule. It’s only about four miles from here, but it may as well be on the waxing gibbous Moon. Here’s a photo I borrowed from the internets.


I wish I could have met Harold because he must have been a singularly, unconventionally, absurdly freaky dude. Would you do what he did? Twice? You can read all about him here.

World’s Largest Time Capsule –  Seward NE

Tomorrow I’m going to get up early and walk to Guehner NE so I can beat some of the worst heat and eat lunch at the Chez Bubba Cafe. I don’t even care if the food is good. I just want to be able to say that once in my life I ate in a place named the Chez Bubba Cafe. Who else will be there? Bruce Dern? Jimmy Olsen? Ann-Margaret? The ghost of Harold Davisson? That skinny girl from “The Shining” ????

Chez Bubba Cafe – Guehner NE

Oh, and the ice machine at the Sunset Motel? Broken.

Peace, Love, and Road Tales,

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