The Chez Bubba Way

Waxing Gibbous Moon

For the uninitiated, you pronounce “Chez” like “Shay” and “Goehner” rhymes with “loaner.” Why am I telling you this? So you will fit right in next time you’re walking across Nebraska and you hanker for some vittles. Just head over to Goehner NE and eat at the Chez Bubba Cafe on May Street. 


As you can see, it’s quite nice inside.


And the food is delicious, served by the lovely and talented Megan Blue Eyes. Ain’t she cute?


As Megan suggested, I had a Chicken Fresca sandwich with cole slaw and two biggo glasses of ice cold ice tea with lemon. Good, fresh, healthy lunch grub. I’d eat there every day if I lived in Goehner.

While I was enjoying Bubba’s, I met a nice, healthy, mature couple named Dave and Esther. They were high school sweethearts, drifted apart, lived separate lives in different places for many years, then re-united  in marriage just a few years ago. Dave and Esther were simply made for each other. They go together like cake and ice cream.

Last night it rained hard, leaving behind a cloud cover and merciful nice breeze. Even though it was still pretty humid, the blast furnace Sun was subdued until the afternoon. I made good time between Seward and Goehner, even after an all but sleepless night at the Sunset Inn.


The corn is already knee high in these parts. If it doesn’t cool down some soon, though, the whole dadburn state will be knee high in popcorn.


Tomorrow is going to be another one of those 100+ degree scorchers, so I will hunker down in the A.C. bliss of the York NE Motel 6 to watch Game 7 on ABC.

I am fired up. If the Dubs don’t beat Cleveland it will mean that the Lord has forsaken us and the end of western civilization is nigh.

Seriously. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’. You heard it here first.

Peace, Love, and Chez Bubba,

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