Flash! Kaboom! Whoosh!

Third Quarter Moon

A brilliant flash of light followed closely by a chest-thumping clap of thunder woke me up last night just in time for a brief but intense rainstorm. It was here and then gone in a matter of minutes – like a giant rain dragon galloping east in the dark. Sayonara!

I left Kearney early yesterday morning on the Betty Trail and was dripping sweat almost immediately. Hot and humid from the “get go.” Is that short for ‘Get ready. Get set. Go!’? The Betty Trail is pretty new and exceptionally well-maintained. It connects the University of Nebraska Kearney to the ciy’s two largest regional parks as well as to The Archway on I-80.



I was thrilled to see this on-trail shade structure after walking a few miles in the Sun. Lord have mercy.


Shortly after sampling a little breezy shade, I came to a kayak staging area next to the trail. A group of paddlers was getting ready to put in. They let me take a few pictures while they got ready. Then I chatted briefly with a friendly young teacher from Omaha about REACH Across America. It was good to see active people taking advantage of a summer opportunity to play in the water. These were the first paddlers I have seen since the Potomac!



On the way out of town I passed by UN Kearney, a small but vibrant campus right on US 30.


US 30 has a nice wide shoulder built on a railroad grade, making it perfect for transcontinental strollering. But man, oh man, is it boring. Corn corn corn corn. I actually got excited early today. Why? I saw a field of soybeans for a change.

I also saw this. I nearly wept with joy. Thank you thank you thank you to the kind soul(s) who chose to break up the visual monotony of the landscape with a little pioneer soul.


When I finally arrived in Lexington, my Sun-addled suspicions (and the unthoughts of the universal hiking Buddha) were confirmed.


Peace, Love, and NowHere,

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