Lurching to Cozad

Waning Crescent Moon

I never get blisters. Ever.

I have a dadgum blister, dagnabbit.

On the bottom of my left pinky toe, I have a nasty blood blister underneath a regular old water blister. If I wasn’t at least partially sane, I would just lop that little sucker off and be done with it. What good is a sixty-four and a half year old pinky toe anyway?

But I am partially sane, making me terrified of self-toe-lopping, so I did the next best thing this morning. I disinfected the needle in my first aid kit and poked my blister in a couple of places. Weird fluids that should not be inside pinky toes shot out in different directions. Whoopsie.

I imagined people wrinkling their noses and saying the word “Eww.” But I didn’t have time for that. I had to get going. So I smeared my newly deflated pinky toe with triple antibiotic ointment, wrapped it in a bandaid, socked and shoed my feet, and lurched on down the road toward Cozad NE.


First stop was the A&D Cafe on Washington Street in downtown Lexington. It was perfect. I have a bear’s nose for finding places like this. I can smell bacon and eggs cooking from a mile away.


The food was excellent, the atmosphere was totally laidback, the tables were spotless, and the waitress was Tracy. Ain’t she cute?


In contrast, there was a humungo blowup gorilla by the sidewalk advertising fireworks as if that made any sense whatsoever.


It took all doggone day to hobble to Cozad on my perforated pinky. I played every mind game I could think of to ignore the discomfort. Finally, I just did what I do best – I shut up and walked until I got there.

Peace, Love, and Mind MY Manners,

P.S. I originally posted some negative comments about Cozad based on an encounter with some rude people in a parking lot on the edge of town. I have since deleted the remarks. Everyone else I met in this town has been super!

3 thoughts on “Lurching to Cozad

  1. Not sure where you stopped in Cozad but obviously you didn’t travel far enough into our sweet little town. I could tell you lots of stories of people who were down and out that passed through our town and were given clothing, food and necessary items for free from our non profit Thrift Store and our Cozad United Way. Our community members and businesses give away tons of clothing, home furnishings, etc. for those in need all through the year. They have come to the rescue of so many from all over the nation who ended up in Cozad destitute and hurting. We are well known as a giving, family friendly town. Too bad you didn’t take the time to get to know us before you passed judgement on us. Regardless, we wish you the best on your journey.


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