New Moon

I’m pretty excited this 4th of July. Not about the fireworks (can’t stay up late enough for that). Not about watermelon (too heavy to carry and my Swiss Army Knife Classic won’t cut it). Not about the hot dogs (what ARE they, exactly?).

I’m excited because my own little personal parade is just 30 miles from Colorado. I’m in the Mountain Time Zone! Nebraska has been a long hot slog and I am ready for a change in topography.

Today the heat returned after noon. I got an early start to make most of the walk to Ogallala before it got too steamy.


The Nebraska Sandhills became more visible and the corn gave way to grassland and big bruisin’ cattle.



I was happy to be walking on US 30 and not penned up in a stinky, muddy corral.


I saw my first Nebraska outcrop! This was a pretty big deal after a few hundred miles of flatland.


My feet are very sore from walking on a lot of concrete today. You would think they’d be used to it by now, 1700+ miles into the trip, but nope, it still hurts.

Happy B-day, America. I’m going to sleep through the celebration, but I love you just the same.

Peace, Love, and Sparklers,

2 thoughts on “Ogallala

  1. I have to admit it is refreshing to see you get excited about entering Colorado. So sorry to hear about the old dogs barking.


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