Good Medicine

Waxing Crescent Moon

I was curious about going to Sedgwick CO today. I had seen a TV show before I left home about Colorado’s newish law permitting the recreational use of marijuana. According to the program, Sedgwick’s dispensary was doing a booming business in bud for bongs. Naturally, the Sedgwick County Sheriff was none too happy about the whole thing. Just one more thing to deal with for law enforcement officers.

Personally, I don’t care about pot. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t need any of that external stuff to be happy. So no dope, no alcohol, no gurus, no cigarettes, none of that for me. Happiest decision of what is getting to be a long, happy life.

When I started walking today on Hwy 138 from Julesburg, I wondered if I would see any signs of a different culture. I was out of Nebraska corn country. The wheat harvest was on in this part of Colorado. Would I see stoners creeping along  the highway gripping the wheel at twenty miles per hour? Would farmers be falling out of their combines laughing hysterically? Would discarded Dorito bags outnumber Bud Lite cans in the roadside ditches? Would there be talking horses?


Nah. None of that stuff. However, Mary Ellen from Julesburg pulled over to say hi just before I got to Ovid.

Mary Ellen was about the nicest person on Earth on July 7, 2016. She asked me all about REACH Across America and where I was going and where I have been. She asked about Bobalooie and Palomino and she told me about a good place to eat in Ovid.


When I told her about my plan to rent a room at the Sedgwick Antique Inn tonight, she pulled out her phone, called them up, and paid for my room AND dinner, too! What??? How nice can one complete stranger get?


In Ovid, Mary Ellen had a little competition in the niceness sweepstakes in the form of Denise, the Postmaster. I went into the P.O. to buy some stamps. Before I knew what was happening, she laid a ten dollar bill on me for lunch at Big B’s right next door. Incredible!


Lunch was tremendous. What I really wanted to do next was to find a big shade tree and go to sleep for the rest of the day. But instead, I hit the road. And the more I walked, the nastier the sky looked over Sedgwick. Uh oh, spaghetti-o.


I kept cranking until about 4:30, entering Sedgwick with just a few drops of rain hitting the ground. My good 7-7-16 luck held up.


Right across the street from the Sedgwick Antique Inn is the dope dispensary, marked with a big green cross and a sign that says “Sedgwick Alternative Relief.”


Think about it. If your life amounts to something you need relief from, why not just change your life to something that is more pleasant? Something that is really, authentically you. Maybe the medicine you needed was right there inside you all the time.

Peace, Love, and Independence,

One thought on “Good Medicine

  1. Sounds like a great day all around, Jim! You are making great time & continue to add new friends. Good news from back home: the REACH entry in the Saddle Horse Parade won 3rd place for non-profits. No cashola, but we did receive a lovely yellow ribbon which we will tie around an old oak tree as we wait for your return!


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