Boulder Break

Waxing Gibbous Moon

I had a great day off yesterday relaxing with Deni and Jason in the Boulder area. When you don’t see someone for 25 years, then pick right up where you left off……that’s friendship. 

The day started off with another radio interview with Lisa and Nancy on Big Blend Radio. Those two are fun 🙂

Big Blend Radio Champagne Sunday

Then we loaded the weiner dogs into the SUV and hightailed it for Rocky Mountain National Park. In less than an hour we were at 12,000 feet in God’s playground.

I could get used to this rapid transit stuff!

We tried to figure out why marmots lick rocks, but didn’t really come up with a satisfactory answer. Do YOU know why?

After a beautiful drive through the park and over the Old Fall River Road (avalanche chutes, elk herds, marmots licking gravel, dizzy overlooks), it was time to get some serious chow. 

I was treated to a scrumptious risotto dinner at “Salt” in Boulder, complete with a casually hip, man-bunned waiter. Then a walk along Boulder Creek under a cloudhidden sky with a 90% full moon and a startlingly beautiful silent lightning show. And topped off, on National Ice Cream Day, with a single scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia on a sugar cone. Oh yeah!

That’s what I call a good day, folks. Thanks, Deni and Jason. Let’s do it again soon 🙂

Peace, Love, and Weiner Dogs,


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