Poudre River Trail to Poudre Canyon

Full Moon

Yesterday I walked by the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Go Rams!

Today I walked all the way to LaPorte CO on the Poudre River Bike Trail. No cars to deal with; friendly, knowledgable riders; a few hardy runners; and one touring strollerist. Nice trail!

Note to the Poudre Trail webmaster: the map on your web site needs to be updated. When Deni and I looked at it Monday, the map showed that the trail ended in Fort Collins. Happy surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

The wide, smooth trail runs mostly right next to the river. There are a few well groomed parks as you leave Fort Collins and there is even a bike maintenance station along the way. Classy!

When I arrived in LaPorte, I passed by the site of an old stage stop for the Overland Trail. This is where the Overland Trail heads north toward Wyoming to avoid the higher passes in the Colorado Rockies. 

Why am I planning to climb up Hwy 14 over Cameron Pass (10,000+ feet)???? Because beauty.

The thing to do in LaPorte nowadays is to drop into LaPorte Pizza, your hometown pizza and sub spot. I challenge you to find a cleaner, friendlier pizza place east of the Rockies.

James the owner has been in business at this spot for twenty-one years, which is tough to do anywhere, much less in a small rural town. After I sat down to munch on a tasty sub and swill two biggo iced teas, James came over and gifted me a fresh loaf of homemade bread and a sack of snacks! Awesome! 

Thanks, James. Everyone who reads this post needs to route their next road trip through LaPorte and scarf up a pizza ๐Ÿ™‚ I owe James big time.

The rest of the day was pretty hot and I entered my afternoon wooze zone. I can tell I have had enough of the heat when drinking water does nothing to quench my thirst. The only thing that helps is a long break and some salty snacks washed down with a cold flavored drink. Today it was Rold Gold pretzels and Strawberry Kiwi V-8 Splash. Miracle juice.

After that I decided to pull into the KOA at the foot of Poudre Canyon. I paid for a shower and a covered site, just in time for a thirty minute afternoon mountain thunderstorm. 

It’s good to have shelter for my shelter. Plus they make everybody drive at a reasonable velocity here. Life is much more pleasant if you just: 

I am surprised to have a cell signal at all here and it’s taking forever to upload my photos. I don’t know yet if this will post, either. We’ll see. Might be a few days until I post again. Do you think you can stand the suspense?

Peace, Love, and Canyon Thunder,


One thought on “Poudre River Trail to Poudre Canyon

  1. Ft. Collins is a cool, laid-back little college town while Boulder is more upscale and hip, don’t you think? I’ve been wondering if you will be climbing some elevation — yes, you will, but you are starting relatively high…let me rephrase that. You are starting at the relatively high elevation of 5,000 feet. The craggy peaks of Cameron Pass are reminiscent of the east side of the Sierra. Enjoy the journey — looking forward to the pictures!

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