Canyon Walking

Waning Gibbous Moon

Hot and still are not the best conditions for tightroping up a canyon road. I was sucking wind and moving over into the roadside ditch all morning. Anybody know why humans drive in packs 20 mph over the speed limit? NASCAR effect?

The highlight of the morning was when Madison and Hannah pulled over and asked, “Why are you walking across America?”

They were so sweet – two young girls on a road trip from North Carolina. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take their picture because I was focused on capturing as much air as possible with each breath. I hope I answered their question! Thanks for stopping, Madison and Hannah 🙂

River rafting is big business right now in Poudre Canyon. There was a constant parade of busloads of patrons towing trailers stacked with rubber rafts. I envied how cool they must all be in the water. Their whoops and shrieks told me they were having a blast.

A little after 1 p.m. I pulled into the Columbine Lodge/Rusty Buffalo Campground in Poudre Park. My intention was to keep going another two hours, but I was persuaded to stay by the kindness of owner Becky and her friendly, funny crew. They gave me some ice cold water and offered a free campsite next to the river to support REACH. 

Thunderclouds were rumbling and I was mumbling so I nodded my agreement and dove into my tiny tent. And crashed! I slept hard for two and a half hours, cleaned up a little, ate, and slept some more. At 6300 feet, I am constantly thirsty. Better to take it slow and see what tomorrow brings. 

I’ve never had altitude sickness before. I really don’t think I have it now. I think I am just slower to adapt to the change than I used to be. 

Peace, Love, and Deep Breathing,


2 thoughts on “Canyon Walking

  1. Looks like a great day — love the pics!! So did any of those kind folks give you a lift…in their car? Stay hydrated and keep on truckin’. More power to you.


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