Waning Gibbous Moon

Somebody up there likes me.

After an early start from the Rusty Buffalo, I made pretty good time up the canyon in the cool of the day. The river just got more and more rambunctious and so did the road. Baldwin Tunnel was short, but mighty.

Sometimes the views of the Cache la Poudre River are just jawdropping.

I met a nice couple from Nebraska stopped in a pullout taking photos. They were touring Colorado in an awesome red convertible sports car. They gave me a bottle of water and a twenty dollar bill, took my picture, and wished me the best. Go Cornhuskers!

I liked this bridge 🙂

Just about when I had had my fill of the midday Sun and my feet were throbbing, along came Hugh to the rescue. Hugh is a retiree and avid trout fisherman from Fort Collins. He and his wife raised four boys and now split time between there and their “Weekend Getaway” on the river above Glen Echo.

Hugh has toured the US on his motorcycle more than once. He totally gets the concept of trail magic from personal experience. I am the beneficiary of Hugh’s generosity tonight. A warm shower, a hot meal, funny travel stories, a comfy bed, WiFi – what great fortune have I 🙂

Peace, Love, and Sleepy Time,


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