Quality Control

Waning Crescent Moon

Before I get too far down the road from Steamboat Springs, I want to acknowledge the good people at the Quality Inn. My feet were bruised and battered from 2,000 miles of walking on pavement. I really needed an undisturbed break. 

Larry the General Manager, Mikki the front desk clerk, and Tinker Bell (not her real name) the fastidious breakfast room coordinator took care of everything. I am very grateful to them and I heartily recommend that you stay at their inn when you come to Steamboat. Great town.

While I’m at it, I need to give another shoutout to Michael and to Rich, my old friends, who both chipped in to pay for my stay. Unbelievable. Thanks!

I talked at length with Larry about his experience on the Steamboat Springs Parks & Rec Commission. He and his friends built the Yampa River Core Trail several years ago. Then they watched as tourism boomed and local residents flocked to the trail for recreation and a means to commute to work and school. 

“Communities build trails. Trails build community.” Are you listening, San Benito County?

As I was leaving town today, I detoured off the trail to check out “downtown” Steamboat. Quite by surprise, I ran into Mark Twain and someof his buddies.

Then I visited Jonathan at the BAP outdoors gear store, home of Big Agnes tents and lots more. The next tent I get is going to be a Big Agnes, either a Copper Spur or Fly Creek model. Well made, lightweight, and relatively affordable. Jonathan was kind enough to offer me a “Pro” discount on a Copper Spur 1, but I’m on a low budget at the end of the month. One of these days 🙂

I also saw the Sulphur Spring next to the trail close to the Skate Park. Very cool. Or should I say steaming hot?

My rested feet held up pretty well on a long first day back, but I was definitely happy to soak them in the cold Yampa River when I finally stopped. 
Peace, Love, and Adios to Steamboat, You Are Awesome,


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