Waning Crescent Moon

I have enjoyed just about everywhere I have been since I started walking on Hwy 40 on the east side of Rabbit Ears Pass. Now I’m in Craig CO, where several wooden sculptures decorate the City Park and its surrounding area. 

This big bird is my favorite.

A recurring theme of this trip has been that you can never have too many eagles.

You can never have too many rivers either and I am sad to report that Hwy 40 leaves the Yampa River west of Craig. That means I am going to fry for the next five or six days as the road undulates through mostly dry country with few services between here and the Utah border. Good thing Bobalooie can hold lots of water.

Tonight I will enjoy a free room at the Clarion Inn on the west edge of town thanks to the clever hard work of the lovely and talented Ms. Valerie of San Juan Bautista CA. She evidently persuaded this very nice hotel’s general manager to comp the room as a donation to REACH Across America. On behalf of touring strollerists everywhere, we salute you!

Peace, Love, and Luxury Quarters,


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