Maybell in July

Waning Crescent Moon

I forgot to mention a few people I met in and around Steamboat Springs. They were all easy going and helpful so I want to remember them in this blog before time and distance erase my recall. 

Doug the highway worker helped me find the Quality Inn. Mary Kay the Notary Public and Joe the motel clerk went out of their way to share their time and effort. And T.K. and Greg helped to reel me in at the Spoke and Spur Saloon in Milner CO. I had a little too much Sun that day. Two cold sugary soft drinks, a basket of pretzels, and some friendly conversation revived my parboiled brain. 

Today was a long 24+ mile roller coaster ride. Just west of Craig I saw a sign for Wild Skies Resort and shortly thereafter, the west wind started blowing the clouds my way. Wild skies indeed. I could see and hear thunderstorms in nearly every direction all day. Luckily, I only got intermittent sprinkles. Rolled on through.

Colorado is horse country. I see them every day and for some reason, they come up to the fences and check me out. That has not been my experience everywhere. It’s fun when horses act curious. Curiously. What-ev.

I bought an eight dollar camp stool at the Big Kmart in Craig yesterday. Today I made myself stop every two hours to sit and eat and rest for 5 -15 minutes. I think the stool is worth the extra weight on Bobalooie. At the end of this long (for me) day, I feel a little less wasted than usual. Pacing.

It’s been a while since my tiny tent had its picture taken. Maybell Town Park has several campsites for tent campers and RVs. It also has excellent hot showers and a covered picnic area. Sweet find!

The cell reception is pretty weak out here in Maybell. I’ll add a few pictures when I get a better signal. Gotta go beddie-bye.

Peace, Love, and I’m Very Close to Dinosaur National Monument!


One thought on “Maybell in July

  1. Glad you got your camp stool-smart man! Dinosaur National Monument is fascinating! if you can go to the visitor center & see the wall which was a river bed that seismic activity tilted straight up! amazing!


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