Dinosaur Day

New Moon

After a long walk, a sleepless night in a sketchy roadside campsite, and more trudging through this dry, prehistoric landscape, I happily accepted the help of my new best friends, Brian and Shirley of Provo UT.

 We crammed Bobalooie into the back of their PT Cruiser and *snap* just like that, we covered the last desolate stretch into Dinosaur CO. Sheesh. I thought two gallons of agua were enough for fifty-six miles. Lesson learned. Thanks to my Provo friends, I am now four miles from the Utah border.

What a co-inky-dink. Today is World Dinosaur Day.

Fortunately, this guy is secured behind a sturdy corral.

There is not much to the Dinosaur CO business district – more shuttered buildings than ones in use. There is a nice park; a simple, clean, reasonable motel; a couple of restaurants and convenience stores; and the Bedrock Depot.

The Bedrock Depot, Dinosaur CO

By all accounts, the Bedrock has some mighty good milkshakes and ice cream treats. It operates on the site of the old Dino-Freeze, once visited in the mid-1970s by yours truly in the company of the EMPress, Star the Dog, the one and only Joyous Cosmology, and Simba the Cat. In the interest of health science and public safety, I shall investigate the Bedrock later today to see if it meets the previous proprietors’ very high standards.

Thank goodness, this guy is penned up inside a chain link fence.

Dinosaur the town is as laid back and casual as ever these days.

For the more time-challenged members of the audience, if you are traveling with your pet triceratops, it is best to bypass the Terrace Motel – it enforces a very strict no pets policy. Of course, Bobalooie and Bobalooie’s many cousins are more than welcome.

From here, I have about 1200 miles and three states to cross until I reach the Pacific. Today is August 2. I have been walking since February 21. What a long, strange trip it has been.

Peace, Love from the Late Cretaceous,


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