Save the Day

Waxing Crescent Moon

Without the kindness of a few very special humans, today would have been unusually unremarkable. It’s twenty-six miles from Vernal to Roosevelt along Hwy 40 – miles I would never choose to walk again. In fact, I flat gave up and got on a Basin Transit Association bus for the last few miles. Trudge. But once again, people saved the day.

Hot and bored, I was inspired to go at least to Ballard by the crew back at Wingers diner in Vernal. This morning, Danielle the waitress got Eric the manager to give Palomino the touring strollerist a free meal. Amazing generosity and good food, too. 

Danielle is the one under the Bud sign. Ain’t she cute?

If you didn’t already figure it out, Eric is on the far right 😉

I got off the bus at the Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt UT. It doubles as the unofficial transit center in town. I wanted to find the Frontier Motel and Grill, but I was a little goofy from ultraviolet raybeam poisoning, so I went inside the lobby to ask for help. That’s where I met Angie, the bright and resourceful receptionist. I don’t even have to ask you, because it’s plain as day that Angie is cute as a bug.

Angie called the motel for me, printed out turn by turn directions all the way to Provo UT, and recommended I get a burger at Marion’s, all faster than I can one-finger type this sentence. I think Angie should move to Vegas and perform magic shows in a casino. She could make a bundle smiling and doing sleight of hand tricks 🙂

I merrily left the hospital and promptly turned the wrong dadgum way down the street that Angie had clearly told me to turn the other way on and then I walked a whole half a mile before my frontal brain kicked in. 

Awwww ____ I was about to take the name of the Lord my God in vain when Stan drove up. He said he could tell I was going the wrong way and he offered to take me and Bobalooie to the Frontier Motel in his pick up truck. That’s where his daughter works as it turns out. Stan evidently is a pretty good mind reader. He probably ought to move to Vegas, too.

The motel is about a block from Marion’s but by the time I got situated, Marion’s was closed for the day. Looks like a good place, but then of course it does. If Roosevelt Angie tells you something, you can take it to the bank.

I settled for the Frontier Grill instead. It was okay, but I had my heart set on an Angie-touted Marion’s burger, so I just kinda plowed through my meal and retired, full and fatigued. 

I don’t think 20-mile days are a good idea for me in this environment. Maybe 15 to 18 would be better. Maybe no walking between noon and 4 p.m. would be smart, too. Maybe a limo driver and cold lemonade compress would be best.

Peace, Love, and Solar Power,


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