Uintah Basin 

Waxing Crescent Moon

The Uintah Basin between Roosevelt UT and Fort Myton is oil and gas country, so US 40 is lined for miles by services companies and chemical storage facilities. Ugh. Stinky poo.

I hurried through there this morning and the closer I got to Fort Myton, the more farms and grazing land I began to see. 

I saw one nice roadcut on US 40, but most of the iconic Utah rock formations are way far out on the horizon.

Fort Myton is tiny – just a gas station and country store, an RV park, some tucked away houses, City Hall, and a town park. I met the really nice Chief of Police, Tom Mellor, who graciously gave me permission to camp in the park if I wanted to do so. Good guy. Nice little town. Thanks, Chief!

I’m looking forward to the next stretch between here and Heber City. Strawberry Reservoir is supposed to be really beautiful.

Peace, Love, and a Big Fat Thunderstorm!


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