Heber City

Waxing Crescent Moon

Dragging my feet and low on water, I stared in disbelief as Clifford and his border collie Lady passed me, turned around, and pulled over beside me, unsummoned. 

Little was said. Stuff in the back of Clifford’s PT Cruiser was rearranged. Bobalooie was stripped of tires and crammed in the back. Lady took her place on my lap in the passenger seat and proceeded to lick the salt from my arms and legs. And we were off, up and over Daniel’s Pass, down to Heber City.

I must have looked pretty bad. I sure felt that way. Clifford, a 27 year Navy veteran, didn’t lecture me. He simply drove me into town and advised me to get some rest. Sheesh. It was one of those days. Pushed it to the limit. I should know better. 

Near Current Creek.

Heber City Park.

The place to eat on Main Street.

Checked into the M Star Motel near the Karl Malone Muscle Truck dealership. Don’t know what the M stands for, but definitely not Multiple. Perhaps Minimal. Fading fast.

Peace, Love, and Sayonara,


2 thoughts on “Heber City

  1. Hello Palomino, I have been following your treck with great interest and much amusement but now with some concern. Don’t let the heat, the altitude and the miles beat you down. Looking forward your triumphal finish at the sea shore….but no need for breaking any land -speed records!


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