Back on Track

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Leaving Provo on foot means winding your way through several two lane roads that parallel I-15 and blend into a string of towns that do the same. I have the feeling that one day soon all the property along the interstate south of Provo for twenty miles or so will be part of greater Provo. So it goes.

I got to Springville about 11:00, hungry for second breakfast. As luck would have it, I walked straight to the Sidecar Cafe, an addition on the side of the Legends Vintage Motorcycles building. 

Great food! The owner of the shop gave me a Legends t-shirt and a Legends money clip, presumably because I am a legendary strollerist and because I would soon be in possesion of some folding money. Thanks!

What I need is one of these.

When I left the Sidecar, I took a few turns and ended up on Utah’s shortest bike path. It is about 40 meters long. Or short, if you prefer. It was fun while it lasted.

Just after the bike path petered out, I saw a tractor trailer parked along the road ahead of me. As I passed the cab, the driver rolled down his window and asked me what I was doing. Then he handed me two five dollar bills, congratulating me on having a cause. Thanks, man! A little sumpin sumpin for my new money clip. Yeah!

Soon I was in Spanish Fork, where I spied the Paperback Book Exchange, a used bookstore. Way back in Nebraska, Rob Negrini suggested that I read “Centennial” by James Michener. I think a few other of my friends said the same thing. I have been looking for it ever since and I finally found a paperback copy. $1.07. Cheap.

The owner of the store was a friendly woman with whom I conversed for several minutes about the presidential election and the state of the union. We didn’t agree on everything, of course, but there was enough common ground for the exchange to be enjoyable. I am stoked to be able to start reading my book.

In between Spanish Fork and Payson, the day started to get itchy hot, but I forgot all about it when a lady and her little boy pulled over. They wanted to give me a ride to town, but when I said no thank you, they gave me a ten dollar bill instead. Wow, this money clip thing works! What took me so long to get one?

Peace, Love, and Cha-Ching!


2 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. Wow — what a great day 😉 You’re on a roll, today. Loved the Sidecar Cafe, the Legends money clip and all those who contributed to it, and the Paperback Book Exchange. “Centennial” is an awesome and appropriate read — and the price was right! Siempre Adelante!


  2. Centennial…I have read that a couple of times and watched the mini-series a couple of times as well. We have some of his books….Poland, Hawaii, Alaska, Centennial, and the latest is The Covenant, a paperback, but over 1200 pages…finally past the 1000 page mark. It has been such an interesting read…learning so much about the settlement of southern Africa. I have The Indifferent Stars Above (Donner Party) ordered but haven’t gotten it yet. God speed and safe journey!!


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