Zapatos Nuevos

Full Moon

I opened my package at the Days Inn in Delta UT today to find a bright and shiny new pair of shoes – pair number six for this trip. Having bought a new pair of inserts for them back in Provo, I am all set for a walk from here to Virginia City NV. There I will pick up my seventh and final pair to get me home.

I like Utah a lot, but it’s hard to walk across it. Towns are far apart and some of them don’t even have a Coke machine. No gas station, no store, nothing. 

I considered filtering water from this canal, but fortunately, I didn’t have to drink from it. Ick.

The next stretch from Delta to the Nevada border is 89 miles with no services and very little traffic. It’s the eastern end of the “Loneliest Highway in America.” I have been dreading it since last October when I was planning my route West. Could I possibly convert Bobalooie into a real burro for this segment?

Probably not. But where there’s a trail, there’s a trail angel, right? If my kung fu is strong, help will come. 

One thing at a time. For now, sleep is in order. In sleep there is strength. I will allow the goodness of the trail to find me tomorrow. 

Peace, Love, and Faith,


6 thoughts on “Zapatos Nuevos

  1. Sending strong vibes for a trail angel or 2 or 3 to pass your way and rescue you from the doldrums of this leg of the trip. Once you get to Virginia City, you’re almost home, man! You’ve got this. Hurray for new trekking shoes!


  2. Good luck on this segment Mr. Ostdick! You’re almost home! We’re rooting for you out here in San Benito County.
    -Gerardo G. (your former student)


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