Baking Baker Baked

Waning Gibbous Moon

The Border Inn is great. It has everything you need, including a primo breakfast restaurant onsite. No, I did not play the slots.

Right behind the motel, a gravel road juts out into the desert. Tammy the Border Inn proprietress assured me that I could walk that way to Baker: “It goes through the ranch, but if somebody stops you, just tell them I said it was okay.” Good enough for me.

I got momentarily unfound when the maze of rusted ranch gear and haphazard hay barns turned into a strange sort of cowpen traffic circle. 

Eventually though, I figured out which one of the turns went to Baker. I got there just when the Sun was starting to really warm things up.

The RV Park slash campground is pretty shady with a nice shower and laundry room. They are accustomed to bicyclists and walkers here – I felt very welcome when I checked in. 

So far I have not heard the elms whisper – maybe that’s a night time thing. From the park, you can take a short walking path to the Great Basin National Park Visitors Center.

Like most NP Visitors Centers, this one is educational and interesting. I ♡ maps and this is a good one. And yes, that is “all” I have left to walk.

Now it’s too hot to do much of anything except nod off and snooze. And that’s exactly what I’m a gonna do.

Peace, Love, and Siestas,


One thought on “Baking Baker Baked

  1. Jim good thing you are a cool dude! You are right at Lehman Caves which is REALLY cool. A tour through the caves would be an excellent, wondrous way to spend the worst heat of the day.


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