Waning Gibbous Moon

Six months. Six months today. Six months today I started walking across this continent. 

It’s a pretty simple exercise, this walking thing. And it’s a beautiful planet. But the best part of the experience has been meeting the incredibly giving humans. 

An older couple stopped to talk and gave me a nectarine. Cold. Delicious.

A young family stopped and gave me a peach, a bag of chips, and a cold bottle of water.

Steve Femmell stopped and gave me some snacks and an apple and some water and the coldest bottle of cranberry juice in Nevada. Steve works for the National Parks Service. He used to work at the Pinnacles in my home county. His kids graduated from San Benito High School, where I used to teach.

Sean and Marianne from Las Vegas stopped and gave me shelter from a brief rainstorm on Sacramento Pass.

A sort of melancholy middle aged woman stopped and gave me some freshly picked grapes right off her backyard vine.

All that kindness in one day. Sunday, August 21, 2016.

Multiply that by six months worth of days and you have a pretty good trip. And testimony that this place IS great.

Peace and Love in America,


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