Ely Rhymes With Really

Third Quarter Moon

On the way to the Silver State Restaurant for breakfast this morning, I passed the Ely town cemetery. Normally, I don’t get creeped out by graveyards, but when there is a treeful of vultures, that’s a different story. I hustled on by.

The Silver State is really good. You should go. Rebecca (left) is an excellent cook and Gina (right) is a smart, friendly, and efficient server. She might even own the place, I forgot to ask. Ain’t they cute?

After a scrumptious meal, I toured downtown Ely. I love this place. Nice little parks. A good library. Public art. Bars right across the street from the high school/middle school complex. Casinos and murals and wild west six gun motif. 

This is where you go to blow some cash and throw down a howdy hoo to Lady Luck. If she helps ya, well good. If she don’t, well shoot.

I got me and Bobalooie a room at the Jailhouse Motel on account of that’s the type of hombres we are. Rootinest. Tootinest. Fastest shootinest outlaws you ever saw.

I have twenty pounds of water loaded up on Bobalooie for tomorrow’s push toward Eureka, 77 miles west. There are four mountain passes between here and there, with no towns or services and probably no cell signal. 

I’m counting on water to be in a reservoir that’s about halfway there. If it’s dry, I’ll be in a real pickle. Of course, it’s supposed to rain the whole rest of the week. So maybe I’ll just walk along with my mouth open all dang day.

Peace, Love, and Drip Irrigation,


3 thoughts on “Ely Rhymes With Really

  1. At Sacramento Pass Campground there is a fishing pond unsure about it as drinking water though.

    Illiaph Reservoir should have water in it. Very nice camping, stars for ever! Fishing report shows good fishing currently.


  2. you are doing so well! I cannot believe how far you have come in this amount of time. Hwy 50 is well traveled, I’m sure you’ll have angels along the way. We’ll be welcoming you soon! Cf


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