Name This Trip

Waning Crescent Moon

Every trip as monumental and consequential as this one needs a name. A name worthy of its scale, its nobility, its gravitas. I am too close to its inner workings to name it myself. I am under its spell. I am busy being it as well as being dehydrated and famished. 

That’s where you come in, internet fiend, I mean, internet friend.

Out here on the Loneliest Road in America, I am in the mood for some audience participation. So put on your thinking caps, ladies and germs. Dig down deep into your intimate treasure chest of dreamy word jewels and poem trinkets. Let’s get those puppies out into the light and see them shine. 

Every contest needs a deadline, so here it is. Get your entries in by MIDNIGHT, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER FIRST. You can enter as many names as you like. The more the merrier.

I will be the sole judge of each trip name’s merit. And I will publish the top three names and their authors, plus an honorable mention, right here on this illustrious blog.

The first place winner gets her/his very own “Loneliest Road in America” decal, suitable for slapping on his/her forehead.

Don’t delay. Enter today. Send your best trip names asap to me here:

Peace, Love, and Your Claim to Fame,


4 thoughts on “Name This Trip

  1. “Jim Takes a Hike”
    “The Looong Way Home”
    “What Was I Thinking?”
    “Well THAT was a Helluva Thing!”
    or, my favorite:
    “Time is on My Feet”

    Jim, you and your feet are awesome!


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