Zero In Eureka

Waning Crescent Moon

I essentially slept away my stay at the Sundown Lodge, except to munch a big breakfast at the Owl Club across the street. Good stuff!

This is Dakota. Ain’t she cute?

I also tuned into the last few innings of the Little League World Series championship. I have always liked to watch that event, much more so than major league baseball. Yea New York! They squeaked by South Korea before a huge crowd in Harrisburg PA – the first time an American team has won since California (Huntington Beach) did it in 2011.

Tomorrow I’ll start rolling west through Devil’s Gate toward Austin NV. I hope to visit the petroglyphs site near Hickison Summit if it’s not too hard to access on foot. There’s a BLM campground at the summit, waterless unfortunately so I’ll be pushing a heavy load. No waterhole until Wednesday. Probably no cell signal either. Austin will mark about the halfway point across Nevada.

Adios, Eureka. You rock.


Peace, Love, and the Owl Club,


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