Waning Crescent Moon

The Hickison Petroglyph Site on US 50 between Eureka and Austin NV has a nice clean campground with pit toilets, trash cans, but no water. 

There is a 0.6 mi interpretive trail that takes you past several petroglyphs and  overviews. Sadly, some of the best ones have been marred by vandals. Just in case there are children reading this, I won’t mention what I would really like to do to those vandals. Violating a site like this is WRONG.

Here is an etching that has not been vandalzed.

Devil’s Gate, just west of Eureka, is not a summit – more like a slight rise through a short canyon. But the roadcuts expose great outcrops of the Roberts thrust. 

I’m too tired to recite what I learned from reading my new road guide, but essentially, thick deep water ocean sedimentary rocks were metamorphosed and thrust to the east along a fault over the top of the near shore deposits I have been walking on ever since I entered Nevada. So there’s a bigtime rock change all of a sudden as I walk west. As a student of this sort of thing, it’s very exciting to see and it adds to the pleasure of the walk.

Peace, Love, and Respect For Historical Sites,

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