Wild Horses

Waxing Crescent Moon

I have always wanted to see some wild horses. Friday I got my wish. 

For some reason, I had extra good energy on this leg. I walked twenty-three miles and could easily have done more, even though I was packing almost three gallons of water. 

Early in the day, west of Austin, I saw two small clouds of dust puffing up above the desert floor near the Reese River. They were a couple of hundred yards away, but they were unusual enough to catch my eye. I had spooked two antelopes most likely heading for water. I had never seen antelopes doing their thing before. Those suckers can move!  They skeedaddled off into the distance and disappeared down into an arroyo.

Close to Mt. Airy pass more offroad commotion drew my attention. There were six wild horses moving down into a gully less than a hundred yards from me. They were staring at me staring at them. I tried to take their picture but I was too shaky and not close enough. I just watched them for a few minutes, tried unsuccessfully to speak horse language to them, then moved on.

Later on I spied a little coyote skulking away from me off the side of the road, looking guilty. Coyotes always look like that, like they just pooped on the carpet.

I drank a gallon and a half of water on this walk. Do me a favor. Tomorrow, try to drink a gallon and a half of water between eight in the morning and four in the afternoon. I want to know if that makes you see wild animals.

I saw a little water in the Reese River near the Pony Express route. I’ll bet those guys and their ponies were glad to see that, too.

This was one of the best days on the trail in a long time. Very copasetic.

Peace, Love, and Horses,


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