With A Little Help From My Friends

Waxing Crescent Moon

In crunch time, friends come through. 

Faced with 110 miles of hard going between Austin NV and Fallon NV, I was a little worried about how to get ‘er done. The last 46 miles between Middlegate Station and Fallon are particularly desolate. Plus they pass through restricted Fallon Naval Air Weapons Station territory. Walkers have been known to be interrogated by men in choppers. With guns.

So what happened? My old volleyball bud from Santa Barbara, Craig “The Earl of Montecito” Joujon-Roche, was returning from his fourteenth (!) Burning Man Festival right about the time I arrived at Middlegate Station. So he veered east across the playa to play superhero for a couple of days. He met me at the Station and helped me get through the Lahonton dust bowl unscathed and hydrated. Amazing! Thanks, Craig!

Middlegate Station was originally a Pony Express station and Overland Stage stop. Now it’s a funky bar, restaurant, motel, RV Park, and campground that features great food amidst casual desert ambience. You should go here once before you die. Seriously. Do it.

Two miles East of Middlegate is The Shoe Tree, a US 50 and state of Nevada landmark. The original Shoe Tree got chainsawed to the ground by a houligan some years back. The Governor put out a reward for info leading to his arrest. After the sonofagun sobered up, he turned himself in to save his family even more embarassment. And the Shoe Tree people, ever resilient, simply started a new one, right next to the old one. It’s startlingly full of shoes already. It’s hard to keep a good weirdo down.

The Grimes Archeological Site is part-way between Middlegate and Fallon, in an unbombed area dominated by basalt outcrops. There are hundreds of interesting petroglyphs along a 0.5 mile walking path. Beautiful.

I am relieved to get through this section. After a little rest, it’s just a few days to Carson City NV. By this time next week, I will be in California. I can’t believe I am saying that!

Peace, Love, and Sundown,


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