Be Like Mike

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Thanks to Michael J. Carroll, aka Captain Chem, retired Chemistry teacher, exemplary husband, father, and grandfather, and probably the most generous and dependable friend in the Universe, I am freezing my hiney off at 8,800 feet above sea level in my new tiny Big Agnes tent high above Lake Tahoe. 

Mike drove all the way from Aptos CA (near Santa Cruz) to Carson City to pick up Bobalooie and the rest of my extra gear so I can continue my walk in backpacking mode along the beautiful Tahoe Rim Trail. Thanks, Mike!

Yesterday, we drove over to Virginia City NV to see the dadburndest wild west town in the whole wild west. This is where Mark Twain penned some of his best stuff, including “Roughing It” – my personal favorite. This is Twain’s writing desk in the Mark Twain Museum.

Here I am in front of the Bucket of Blood Saloon in  Virginny City. Draw, partner!

Sending Bobalooie home from here was always part of the Master Plan. Strollers are not allowed on the TRT or on most of the rest of my route across the Sierra Nevada. No way was I going to miss this stuff after all that godforsaken desert. I might be crazy but I am not stupid.

The Tahoe Rim rocks! Marlette Lake is in the foreground with Lake Tahoe blue beyond.

I am staying very flexible about the next week. I hope to savor my favorite spots on this trail and maybe sample a little of the Pacific Crest Trail, too, if the weather cooperates. My brother John knows about my perfect tentsite overlooking the lake up on the PCT from our section hike together many moons ago. The spot is sort of up near Granite Chief. Maybe. I’m not giving it away 😉

Peace, Love, and California Soon,


4 thoughts on “Be Like Mike

  1. Wow, you are booking it now Buddy. That was a big climb from Carson City to where you are tonight! Glad to see you are into my kinda backpacking. Looking forward to seeing you in Point Reyes


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