You Can Check Out Any Time You Like…

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Guess what. I’m in California.

The Sun is shining. The girls are beautiful. Order has been restored to the Universe. Getting here took six months and twenty-one days – coulda made it sooner but I piddled around a lot. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

My last night in Not California was fuh-fuh-fuh-reezing. Less than, in fact. If you believe my tiny plastic REI thermometer, it was 24° F in the wee hours of the morning (us old folks call it that cuz that’s when we get up to wee). 

It didn’t snow where I was, but word is that most places > 9,500 feet got some. You know…all the nostalgic places I planned to visit in the next few days. It just might be prudent of me to abandon that notion and get the heck outta Dodge while the gettin’ is good. TBD.

I may or may not have pitched my tiny tent on an illegal perch possibly on private property overlooking Incline Village NV. But if I did, that strategy would have given me easy access to the Tunnel Creek Cafe and hot coffee. The Tunnel Creek Cafe is situated close to where the old TV show Bonanza was shot, aka the Ponderosa. Could be I slept on Ben Cartwright’s land, maybe, allegedly.

I was tempted to spend my entire food budget for September on a room in Incline Village, but Tom and his wife, on vacation from the Bay Area, interceded. I was talking to the nice lady who runs the cafe about my walk and public transportation options and affordable housing, etc. when Tom offered me a lift to Stateline -that’s where they were headed. Si, Senor.

Thirty minutes later, I got out out of the car in Not California and walked across the border, beaming like the Sun itself – in the Golden State. Oh my my, oh hell yes, Mama put on your party dress. We home!

What to do next? Wait? Walk? I asked Washoe Woman and she said wait.

I asked the Pony Express guy and he said ride.

I walked past all the hoity toity Stateline casinos into the part of South Lake Tahoe I know best. The real part. Scored a clean, warm room for $40. What to do? Gonna sleep on it. Inside. Warm.

Peace, Love, and You Can Never Leave,


5 thoughts on “You Can Check Out Any Time You Like…

  1. Well, congratulations, Jim. Savor the moments till you walk down the streets of San Juan. It’s Coastal Clean-up day on Saturday but none of us have opportunity to help. Adopt-a-Hwy encourages an especially good clean up this month, whenever we can make it. Todaloo, goin’ down the hwy!


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