Down in the Valley

Waning Gibbous Moon

I am out of the Sierra Nevada (whimper, sniff) and down in the blistering heat of the Great Central Valley. Well, not blistering exactly, just very uncomfortable. But thanks to the kindness of Roseville’s illustrious trail angel Ms.Timarie, I am safe and cooling my heels indoors in Cameron Park.

The hiking trail that my drugstore map showed as being parallel to US 50 between Strawberry and Placerville never revealed itself to me. So I drifted alongside the highway against traffic on mostly good shoulder, losing elevation and trading conifers for oaks. I’m going to miss these mountains and their funky little roadside towns.

Many thanks to Ms.Timarie for appearing at just the right time to buy me an In ‘n Out double double and deliver me to the nearest affordable inn!

Three days along the American River should get me to Sacramento. I can’t believe I’m getting so close to the end of this trek. Please please please send an autumn cold front!

Peace, Love, and Think Up Some Cool,


4 thoughts on “Down in the Valley

  1. I’m excited for you…seeing all the iconic California landmarks along HWY 50 must have energized you to forge on through this heat wave…that and still another trail angel. Wow. Just days from home now.


  2. Well that’s that last mountain before home, Jim. And the weather is cooling a bit. And it’s a DRY heat. American River is a good place to cool your heels!


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