Rolling On The River

Waning Gibbous Moon

I don’t like to bash the Great Central Valley, even though it does seem like some creation fiend slapped a big chunk of stinky hot Texas in between the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Ranges. Rather rude to tell the truth. Some very nice people live here, though, amongst all the red-eyed, jitterbug car thieves and inbred, obese imbeciles. I wouldn’t want to hurt those nice people’s feelings, so I’ll just focus on the good stuff.


Um, well there is the American River! It’s pretty cool!

Birds like it a lot!

And the American River Parkway is awesome! You can ride or jog or walk this smooth, paved trail all the way along the river from Folsom CA to old town Sacramento. The nice people do that all the time.

In fact, that’s my plan, too. I’m going to split this walk into two days so I can meet my old teaching credential cohort pal Amorina and her crew downtown for dinner on Thursday. I may or may not sleep in the bushes with the imbeciles tomorrow night. If I do, I might have to take a dip in the river Thursday to make myself presentable. Valley etiquette.

Oh, I almost forgot. Folsom has a really nice lamp. And a colorful banner.

Peace, Love, and Get Me To The Beach,


One thought on “Rolling On The River

  1. Great to read you’re so close to that coastline. Pat & I have occasionally checked up on your progress. We met you in Nebraska walking toward Grand Island… a section of highway that I had walked in the other direction several years before as I went from LA to New York.
    I don’t know if it’s apparent yet, but the journey you’re on never concludes. Yes, the bucket someday gets kicked, but the soul of a walking man never, never, never finds peace in place. Here’s wishing you many years of seeking that next journey!


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