Seven Months In

Waning Gibbous Moon

Under cloudy skies, with blessed cool temperatures all morning, I celebrated seven months on the road with a sixteen mile slackpack. In other words, I left my pack in my cheap motel room, took a Gold Line light rail train to Sacramento State University, and walked back to the motel on the American River Parkway. Brilliant!

I owe this inspiration to my old friend Dan Steward. Dan messaged me last night about his ongoing obsession with the history of the American railroad, in particular the Gold Line right here in river city. The original Gold Line was the train that chugged back and forth between Sacramento and Placerville all loaded down with loot back in the 49er days. 

Turns out that the modern version of the Gold Line is a light rail commuter train that happens to board one block from where I’m staying. For $1.35, the Senior rate, I traveled to Sac State in about 20 minutes. Perfect! Thanks, Dan!

The cloud cover was great and walking without a pack or Bobalooie was quite a treat. And the river trail was wonderful.

I even saw some wild turkeys today. Not wild as in crazy-might-even-attack-you turkeys. Just undomesticated. 

Sometimes I walked on the bike path. Sometimes I walked on the horse trail. Both were enjoyable.

This was my fave bench.

Here’s the view from my fave bench.

It gets the Palomino seal of approval. The whole day got the Palomino seal of approval, come to think of it.

Peace, Love, and Parkways,


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