Old Town Sac

Third Quarter Moon

Well, here we are in Autumn. It was Winter when I left home. What’s it going to be like when I get there? Is my cozy little trailer totally buried in redwood detritus? What about Spugly the Spectacularly Ugly Time/Space Transporter? Will it ever run again? Too soon to worry. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Today I took the Gold Line back to Sac State and picked up where I left off, this time heading across town on H Street. I passed Hornet Stadium (Stingers Up!) and a beautiful pedestrian bridge across the American River.

I also saw these things. Odd. Art. College.

Sacramento seems very bicycle friendly, befitting its status as the California state capitol.

I also stopped to smell the roses at the Evans Rose Garden. It was wonderful. I rarely use the word “grand.” This is a grand garden.

Then, to my surprise, I found myself out in front of the governor’s mansion. Hi, Jerry! Nice mansion there, bruh.

Before long, I maneuvered my way into Old Town Sacramento where the Railroad Museum and State History Museum are, among other old things. I took a photo of the former and took a tour of the latter. Sean, the PIC of the history museum gave me a complimentary pass and chipped in some meal money after I told him I walked all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to see this place! Thanks, Sean!

[This picture is for Dan Steward :-)]

In the history museum I was captivated, as usual, by the gold mining lore and an unusual map of the cross continental routes used by “settlers” and explorers. 

I found this old photograph of a Native Californian overlooking the rail tracks along the “American” River to be very moving. Big, irreversible changes to come. An entirely different way of life.

The historic I Street Bridge swings open to let ships pass through, like the bridge across the Mississippi River into Davenport IA. Those were the only two swing bridges I saw on my whole journey across the country.

I have a new respect for Sacramento. I think they are trying hard to build a sense of place and to preserve the complicated history of a wildly interesting time. 

Peace and Love for Old Town Sac,


P.S. Even though I wasn’t able to match schedules with Amorina and her family this go around, I’ll return one of these days. I like this place!

One thought on “Old Town Sac

  1. We lived in Sacramento for about 8 years, less than a 1/4 mile from the Sacramento River. Such a recreational city!! We used to take picnic dinners to the river once a week, biked along the river, sailed and shore camped at Folsom Lake, watched 4th of July fireworks over the river in Old Town as the boat flotilla paraded below…there’s a lot to be said for a city with rivers, and Sacramento has two. Glad to see you having fun back in Cali, the greatest state of all!


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