Miles to Davis

Waning Crescent Moon

I had never spent any time in Davis CA before yesterday. I knew it was supposed to be a cool place because several of my good friends and a few of my ex-students went or go to school there. UC Davis has a great academic reputation and the town is known for being progressive.

I wouldn’t, however, recommend walking there from Sacramento. It is flat and dry and most of the time you are stuck between train tracks, freeway, and bleak brown fields.

All that made getting to town even better. The train station looks nice from the outside and the dude playing the piano nearby was really good.

I walked straight down 2nd Street to the UC campus, which hums with activity. I was immediately struck by the diversity and energy of the students. This place is famous as a bicycle friendly community. So cool to see it in person.

If I wasn’t so ancient I would seriously consider going back to school for the THIRD time just to be part of this experience. I ♡ school and this is a good one. This picture is near the Memorial Union.

I may or may not have snoozed illegally for several hours last night beneath a tree behind a wall in the grass paid for by the good people of the state of California. No tent. Cowboy style. Don’t tell anybody, though.

I definitely ate at the Black Bear Diner before setting out for Dixon CA. Good stuff. I remember when there was only one Black Bear Diner in California, up by Mt. Shasta. Now there are multiple BBDs. 

If you’re hungry, go for the Volcano breakfast. It will fill you up!

Leaving the Davis Oasis, it was 12 more miles of uninteresting valley farm country this morning before seeing this: the Gateway to Dixon. Now that there is a gateway, it might be time to build something else!

I cut through your basic suburban cul de sac sprawl for a mile or so before finding a concrete bike path that led me straight to the Super 8 – right next to the freeway. 

The people here at the Super 8 are sweet as can be – very welcoming – and they keep the motel shiny clean. So I’m happy and washed and grateful for a comfy bed. 

Right next door is the Mr. Taco, which is in the same building as a Professional Psychic. I plan to ask the palm reader first if I will be okay if I eat the lunch special haha.

Vacaville tomorrow, then a day to rest my balky knee on Monday. Less than a hundred miles left to the beach. Wow!

Peace, Love, and Psychic Tacos,


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