Return of the Bobalooi

Waning Crescent Moon

Bobalooie is back and not a minute too soon.

The second day on the Tahoe Rim Trail I stepped down over a rock and felt a pop in my twice-operated-on right knee. Alarm bells rang in my mind. What would I do if this was serious?

My knee has been sore off and on since then and I came to the conclusion that carrying a pack may not be wise right now. So to the rescue yesterday came Captain Chem. 

My aforementioned friend from Aptos CA, Mike Carroll, delivered Bobalooie to Vacaville. Now I can finish this walk without as much bone-on-bone pounding as I was withstanding with a 25-pound pack on my back. Thanks again to Mike, and to his humorous wife and partner “Sultry Sue” as well. 

Today started out with a little excitement at the motel just outside Vacaville. When I pushed Bobalooie over to the office to check out, two squad cars and a police motorcycle were parked at angles near the door and five highly alert officers were in the middle of nabbing a couple of perps. What kind of caper was this?

I carefully walked around the scene. Inside the lobby I found out from the desk clerk that the devious perps had stolen a car, parked it in the motel lot, and sneaked into the breakfast room to scarf some vittles. Phi Beta Kappa criminals don’t do dumb stuff like this. Breakfast interruptus and handcuff arrestus ensued. Duh!

Back outside, things were calm. One of the officers approached me and asked all about REACH Across America. He was genuinely interested and without warning handed me a ten dollar bill and all the change he had in his pockets. Incredible! Then he asked if he could get a photograph for the department’s web site. The motorcycle cop came over and snapped a picture of the two of us standing by Bobalooie. 

These guys made me feel like a million bucks. I will never forget that.

It was hot hot hot today. I skirted around Vacaville and into Fairfield on backroads and a very neglected bike path called a linear park. This whole area is parched from the drought and there were droves of homeless young men spread out in town taking refuge in every available piece of shade. Sad.

I found a few spots with some public art that cheered things up a little bit.

That little gateway thing was actually pretty cool, even though the area around it really needed some TLC.

Eventually, I found my way to the Interstate and a Motel 6 to spend the night. I’m in the midst of masterminding yet another route change to avoid what was described as a dangerous stretch of road sans shoulder. Stay tuned.

Peace, Love, and Praise for Good Men and Women in Blue,


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