Golden Gate Golden State

Waning Crescent Moon

Wow. After seven months and seven days, today I once again got to see the Pacific Ocean. From high atop the Golden Gate Bridge, even on a mostly overcast, blustery, chilly San Francisco Bay day, there it was – seemingly boundless, eternal – surging and beating along with my heart. Order is restored to the Universe. I am one happy lad.

For a brief moment, the clouds broke, just as I entered Marin County.

 I really didn’t plan the after-I-cross-the-bridge part very well. There was no room at the hostel in the Marin Headlands. All the Golden Gate Recreation Area campsites require advanced reservations. And rooms in Sausalito cost a month’s rent para uno noche. Duh. So I ended up in San Rafael at the good ole Motel 6, tired but still very glad. 

The wading-into-the-ocean celebration will take place Saturday at Limantour Beach as long as there are no more surprises or brain spasms. THAT will be cool. My feet are going to LOVE it.

For now, though, did I mention I am happy?



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