Mission San Francisco de Asis

Waxing Crescent Moon

Probably my least favorite Mission-finding mission was wading through the urban wasteland in the Mission District of San Francisco to locate Mission Dolores. Yuck! 

The buildings themselves, the Dolores Mission and the Dolores Basilica, are typically and stylistically beautiful. The poverty and decadence in the blocks leading to them are unsettling.

My favorite part of this quick visit to The City was the Ghandi statue near the Ferry  Building just off the Embarcadero. Maybe I should have just stayed there!

But then I would have missed this guy. Wooeee, pretty scary dude!

I was disappointed that so little space has been preserved for this historical site. I get the fact that real estate in San Francisco has great worth. But that block should be a park. And the scummy stuff going on just around the corner on 16th Street? It’s grossly disrespectful. And ultimately self-defeating.

Peace, Love, and Clean Up Your Act,


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