Mission San Jose

Waxing Crescent Moon

After the sad urban blight of San Francisco’s Mission District and West Oakland, the groomed suburbs of San Leandro and Fremont were tame and lush. I walked past the beautiful campus of the California School for the Deaf and marveled at its positive and healthy demeanor. Tax dollars so well spent.

A long, long walk led me to Fremont’s Mission San Jose, with its spacious and manicured grounds and clean, dustless museum exhibits. They really take good care of the place here.

Love these classic flying buttresses.

I arrived just before closing and made a quick tour of their historical exhibits. This place seemed to show more honor and respect for indigenous people than any of the other missions I have visited so far. I don’t know if native Ohlones would agree. That is just my (possibly naive) observation/comparison.

Mission San Jose, like my hometown Mission San Juan Bautista de Anza, is very close to a major, active earthquake fault. The Hayward Fault runs along the back of the property. Makes you wonder how much longer some of these buildings/features will hold up.

I hope they stay put for the foreseeable future. This humble Mission is one of my favorites.

Peace, Love, and the Way to San Jose,


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