Mission Santa Clara

Waxing Crescent Moon

The first California Mission to be named after a woman? Mission Santa Clara, of course. To get there, set your GPS for Santa Clara University and enjoy the ride. 

This place is beautiful. The students, if you can find any (they must all be in classes or in the Library studying), will be happy to point you toward the Mission. A nice young lady in the parking lot gave me the most precise and accurate directions ever. Geez, she was smart! I got there in minutes.

This campus is so elegantly manicured that I wondered if the Pope was coming to visit the same day as me. Surely they didn’t spruce things up just on my account  πŸ˜‰

No one here is grubby, hungover, sagging their trousers around their knees, contemplating an overthrow of the government, staring at clouds, experimenting with transformational fungi, shouting randomly at statues, seeing how long their toenails can possibly grow, laughing inappropriately, or hurling in the bushes. In short, Mission Santa Clara is the polar opposite of the Dolores Mission. So tidy. So refreshing. Thank God.

After checking out the Mission for a little bit, I wandered around briefly to see if fate would allow me to spot my friend Cooper sprinting between classes. I was too hungry to wait around very long for that unlikely occurrence. I wanted breakfast. So when I spied another genius kid hustling down a sidewalk, I asked for a recommendation.

Without hesitation, she flawlessly pronounced, “Sara’s Kitchen.” Then she gave me GooglyMap-perfect turn by turn instructions to walk there. I couldn’t believe it. These Bronco kids are something else. In twenty minutes, I was ordering up superior eggs and coffee. 

When I finished, the nice lady (Sara?) gave me a considerable discount for walking 3200 miles to eat there. Fair is fair.

I have profound respect for Santa Clara and renewed confidence in the future of America πŸ™‚

Also, FYI, in Franklin Square close to campus, there is a grand opening of a brand new comics store. You should go.

Peace, Love, SmartKids, and Comics,


3 thoughts on “Mission Santa Clara

  1. For some reason, I am so happy that you are ending your cross-country trek with a “Camino”-like visit to the Missions on your way home. Seems like an appropriate time to re-group and reflect on your recent journey, current space in life, and future ambles. Do you plan to end up at Mission San Juan Bautista? Let us know so we can welcome you home!


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