Mission Santa Cruz

Waxing Crescent Moon

I have an announcement to make. Santa Cruz CA, the original “Keep _____ Weird” town of the USA, is now merely pleasantly unusual. It’s just as well. Being the weirdest of the weird must have been exhausting. 

Santa Cruz actually looks refreshed, energized – dare I say hip. If you want mondo weird these days, you will have to go to Boulder CO. Santa Cruz? Man Bun Capitol of the West. Yoga Pants City.

The Mission Santa Cruz is fairly ordinary, if not boring, but the grounds surrounding it are fetching. 

It has two very pleasant fountains and some gorgeous pampas grass.

I don’t think this statue is very respectful.

There is some fun and inspiring public art in the vicinity of the Mission. In general, the town is much cleaner and healthier in appearance than in years past.

I like the emphasis on outdoor recreation and public health.

I am all for the  new, improved Santa Cruz. Keeping it weird sort of got old.

Peace, Love, and Community Health,


P.S. I am almost home. If all goes well, I will roll into San Juan Bautista on Monday 10/10 about 12:00 noon. I’m heading straight to the Mission Cafe to get my grub on 🙂

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