How To Mail In Your Pledge

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I learned this today. If for any reason you have difficulty sending in your pledge or donation via the web site, you can simply mail a check directly. Then email me so I know you have done so. Thank you!!!

Send a check made payable to:

“Community Foundation For San Benito County”


Community Foundation For San Benito County

829 San Benito St., Suite #200

Hollister, CA  95023

 BE SURE  to write “for REACH San Benito Foundation” on your check.

Pledges for Parks

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Don’t forget to go outside tonight and look at the Moon. You can thank me later 🙂

While you are in the mood for remembering things worthwhile, remember to go to our pledge page and chip in some moolah. The R.E.A.C.H. San Benito Foundation Endowment Fund will serve residents and visitors for years to come by creating and maintaining parks and trails in our beautiful county. 

Pledge for Parks Today

All contributions are tax deductible. Our foundation is made up of unpaid volunteers. One hundred percent of the money collected from the REACH Across America project will go straight into the endowment fund. 

My 3,322-mile hike was self-funded with the generous help of family and friends. Donations to R.E.A.C.H. have not been and will not be used to offset my expenses.

Please contribute what you can and ask your friends to do the same. Recreation, Exercise, and Community Health. Let’s invest in quality of life for all.

Peace, Love, and a Long, Healthy Life,


Mission Santa Cruz

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I have an announcement to make. Santa Cruz CA, the original “Keep _____ Weird” town of the USA, is now merely pleasantly unusual. It’s just as well. Being the weirdest of the weird must have been exhausting. 

Santa Cruz actually looks refreshed, energized – dare I say hip. If you want mondo weird these days, you will have to go to Boulder CO. Santa Cruz? Man Bun Capitol of the West. Yoga Pants City.

The Mission Santa Cruz is fairly ordinary, if not boring, but the grounds surrounding it are fetching. 

It has two very pleasant fountains and some gorgeous pampas grass.

I don’t think this statue is very respectful.

There is some fun and inspiring public art in the vicinity of the Mission. In general, the town is much cleaner and healthier in appearance than in years past.

I like the emphasis on outdoor recreation and public health.

I am all for the  new, improved Santa Cruz. Keeping it weird sort of got old.

Peace, Love, and Community Health,


P.S. I am almost home. If all goes well, I will roll into San Juan Bautista on Monday 10/10 about 12:00 noon. I’m heading straight to the Mission Cafe to get my grub on 🙂

Mission Santa Clara

Waxing Crescent Moon

The first California Mission to be named after a woman? Mission Santa Clara, of course. To get there, set your GPS for Santa Clara University and enjoy the ride. 

This place is beautiful. The students, if you can find any (they must all be in classes or in the Library studying), will be happy to point you toward the Mission. A nice young lady in the parking lot gave me the most precise and accurate directions ever. Geez, she was smart! I got there in minutes.

This campus is so elegantly manicured that I wondered if the Pope was coming to visit the same day as me. Surely they didn’t spruce things up just on my account  😉

No one here is grubby, hungover, sagging their trousers around their knees, contemplating an overthrow of the government, staring at clouds, experimenting with transformational fungi, shouting randomly at statues, seeing how long their toenails can possibly grow, laughing inappropriately, or hurling in the bushes. In short, Mission Santa Clara is the polar opposite of the Dolores Mission. So tidy. So refreshing. Thank God.

After checking out the Mission for a little bit, I wandered around briefly to see if fate would allow me to spot my friend Cooper sprinting between classes. I was too hungry to wait around very long for that unlikely occurrence. I wanted breakfast. So when I spied another genius kid hustling down a sidewalk, I asked for a recommendation.

Without hesitation, she flawlessly pronounced, “Sara’s Kitchen.” Then she gave me GooglyMap-perfect turn by turn instructions to walk there. I couldn’t believe it. These Bronco kids are something else. In twenty minutes, I was ordering up superior eggs and coffee. 

When I finished, the nice lady (Sara?) gave me a considerable discount for walking 3200 miles to eat there. Fair is fair.

I have profound respect for Santa Clara and renewed confidence in the future of America 🙂

Also, FYI, in Franklin Square close to campus, there is a grand opening of a brand new comics store. You should go.

Peace, Love, SmartKids, and Comics,


Mission San Jose

Waxing Crescent Moon

After the sad urban blight of San Francisco’s Mission District and West Oakland, the groomed suburbs of San Leandro and Fremont were tame and lush. I walked past the beautiful campus of the California School for the Deaf and marveled at its positive and healthy demeanor. Tax dollars so well spent.

A long, long walk led me to Fremont’s Mission San Jose, with its spacious and manicured grounds and clean, dustless museum exhibits. They really take good care of the place here.

Love these classic flying buttresses.

I arrived just before closing and made a quick tour of their historical exhibits. This place seemed to show more honor and respect for indigenous people than any of the other missions I have visited so far. I don’t know if native Ohlones would agree. That is just my (possibly naive) observation/comparison.

Mission San Jose, like my hometown Mission San Juan Bautista de Anza, is very close to a major, active earthquake fault. The Hayward Fault runs along the back of the property. Makes you wonder how much longer some of these buildings/features will hold up.

I hope they stay put for the foreseeable future. This humble Mission is one of my favorites.

Peace, Love, and the Way to San Jose,


Mission San Francisco de Asis

Waxing Crescent Moon

Probably my least favorite Mission-finding mission was wading through the urban wasteland in the Mission District of San Francisco to locate Mission Dolores. Yuck! 

The buildings themselves, the Dolores Mission and the Dolores Basilica, are typically and stylistically beautiful. The poverty and decadence in the blocks leading to them are unsettling.

My favorite part of this quick visit to The City was the Ghandi statue near the Ferry  Building just off the Embarcadero. Maybe I should have just stayed there!

But then I would have missed this guy. Wooeee, pretty scary dude!

I was disappointed that so little space has been preserved for this historical site. I get the fact that real estate in San Francisco has great worth. But that block should be a park. And the scummy stuff going on just around the corner on 16th Street? It’s grossly disrespectful. And ultimately self-defeating.

Peace, Love, and Clean Up Your Act,


Mission San Francisco Solano

Waxing Crescent Moon

Sonoma CA is home to the northernmost of California’s twenty-one Missions. This one is called Mission San Francisco Solano. 

I am not going to re-tell the history of these places in this blog. There is plenty of information on the internet and in history books. So I’ll leave that up to you if you’re interested in learning more. I will just post a few pictures and make random observations like I usually do. 

Mostly, what I like about these places is contemplative in nature. They are great places to sit and watch whatever comes into view. I like that.

Right next to the Mission is the Sonoma City Hall and town square. The famous California Bear Flag was first hoisted here, signaling big changes to come in the shotcalling arena. Statehood, In and Out Burgers, wine tasting tours, and traffic jams were soon to follow.

I really like this little fountain in front of the City Hall.

Since I already stopped at Mission San Rafael Arcangel, the next one on my trip home will be Mission Dolores in San Francisco. I don’t recall ever visiting that one before, so I am looking forward to seeing it soon.

I highly recommend this lovely northern Cali town for a day trip. Great vibe. Beautifully cared for. Bring wads o’ cash, though, it ain’t cheap!

Note: Let it be known that I am feeling very tired at this point. Mentally, I may have lost a little zip when I finally reached the ocean. My walk to Petaluma today felt like a chore. 

I may need to modify this Mission Walk idea a little bit, especially in the bottleneck Bay Area coming up. When necessary, I might jump on BART to reduce my daily mileage to something manageable. I am thinking about limiting myself to 15 or 16 miles per day for a while to see if I perk up. I’m still going to go to each Mission, but I won’t walk every step of the way. I’m ready to go home pretty soon.

Peace, Love, and Adios Sonoma,


Palomino Has Landed

Waxing Crescent Moon

I finished my coast to coast walk across the United States today.

Reheboth Beach, Cape Henlopen DE, February 21, 2016 to Limantour Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore CA, October 1, 2016.

I feel grateful and happy and a little stunned.

Peace and Love on the Beach,